Order Apples & Juice early or Join Our 2020 CSA

This year we will be harvesting Gala, Ambrosia, Spartan, Macintosh, and limited quantities of Granny Smith, Salish, and Honeycrisp apples, around 2nd week of September.

Order early! - Pre-orders of apples and CSA share rates are 1.25/lb when ordered and paid by August 31st!  Order/Join using form below.  After harvest, apples and juice will be available from the orchard, Vernon Farmer's Market and some local stores for market rate.  Please try our new online store, here you will find all our prices for the coming harvest.  




We will begin offering farm sales this fall, Thursdays 3-6pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

Curlew Orchard's CSA - With our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription your share will be delivered to a convenient pick up location for 20 weeks/5 months starting at harvest.  As a member, you enjoy fresh apples, discounts on: apple juice, bulk apples, garlic, onions, cut flowers, even herbs. 

  • Shares are $125 for 45kgs (100lbs) of apples when confirmed by Aug 31st with payment.

  • Receive a 2.25 kg bag of apples weekly for 20 weeks, or 9kg/month for 5 months.

  • Apple variety is primarily Gala apples but at times we may add Ambrosia, Macs or Spartans.

      CSA Add on Options:

  • Add 5L box of pasteurized apple juice to share delivered with apples last week of each month, 5 boxes for $70.  Ask about our mixed juices.

  • Add companion mix of onion, garlic and herbs spread over fall pick ups for $50.  SOLD OUT

  • Add R&M Cold Pressed Oils, each of the 5 months you will receive 100ml of either Flax, Peanut, Sunflower, Hemp or Pumpkin Seed Oil for $75.


For large families, individuals and different needs we can help you customize your share. 


CSA Pick up locations:    (choose one pick up location at sign up time, then be sure to pick up that day)

  • Thursdays 8am-1pm at the Vernon Farmer's Market (till Oct 31st, then choose other option).

  • Thursdays noon-7pm at Farm Bound Warehouse sale, corner of Middleton Way and 11th ave in Vernon. 

  • Thursdays noon-6pm orchard pick up at the little red barn on the corner of Curlew and Malim Roads.


Coldstream residents can arrange to pick up from the Kal Store on Tuesdays.  

  • Kal Store and Rail Trail Cafe

Bulk Orders

To arrange a bulk order of apples and/or juice separate from our CSA please contact us directly.  Farm gate sales times are thursdays 3-6pm and saturdays 10am-2pm starting in September.  Items available at the little red barn on these days will include: apple juice, baking apples, honey, garlic, onions, herbs, cut flowers and R&M Seed Oils!


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