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Farm-Gate Sales

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Farm-Gate sales of Apples and Juice continue online thru the winter season.  Place your order below, pay online and pick up on Thursdays from noon to 6pm at our Little Red Barn on the corner of Curlew and Malim Rds.  Minimum orders of apples when in season are 11kg (25lb).


  • Bulk Apple Sales - Sold out till Sept 2021

  • Pure Apple Juice - Available! (best before Sept 30, 2021)

    • 5L = $20

    • 3L = $16

  • Apple Juice Blends - sold out till September 2021

    • Apple/Beet/ginger

    • Apple/Carrot/ginger/lemon

    • Apple/Beet/Carrot/ginger

    • Apple/Currant

  • Baking Apples - mixed seconds

  • R&M Cold Pressed Seed and Nut Oils

Step #1

To pre-order fill in and submit the form with requested details below.

Farm-Gate Sales:
Order & pay before you come

Apples - Available September 2021!

Apples: Select Variety and add quantity in box below (taking early orders of Honeycrisp and Salish at $2/lb, Ambrosia at $1.75/lb)

Pure Apple Juice

Apple Juice: Pure apple options.

Apple Juice Blends

Apple Juice: Pure apple and Veg mix options with prices listed above.

Thank you for your order!

Step #2

Confirm your share by payment with one of these three options:

1. ETRANSFER- Send an e-transfer to:  curleworchard@gmail.com   Password: csa 

2. CHEQUE- Send a cheque to 5630 Curlew Rd, Vernon BC. V1B-3J8

3. VISA- For this option, please request an invoice from us by email and we will send the invoice to you via Square.  Square will direct you how to pay.

Thank you for your order!

Also available at our Farm-Gate Sales

While supplies last and are in season.

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Back in 2021, items available for sale at our little red barn on the corner of Curlew and Malim Rd will include:

  • Honey from resident bees

  • Herbs

  • Garlic

  • Cut Flowers

  • R&M Seed Oils (Tastings to)

  • Bird Houses and more..